A private seminar at Deirdre's home in Chicago, January 2020 Deirdre with her former students David Mitch, Nimish Adhia, and Santhi Hejeebu, in Chicago, March 2015 Deirdre with her students in Humanomics <br />at Jönköping University, Sweden, in May of 2014 Deirdre with Shikha Sood Dalmia, <br />in New Delhi, January 2014 Deirdre with her advisee Nuno Palma from Portugal, at the European Historical Economics meetings at the Guinness Brewery in Dublin, Sept 2011 After the conference in Dublin in September 2011 honoring the economic historian Cormac O Grada.  Left to right: Deirdre, Bruce Campbell, and Giovanni Federico Leda Paulini Ramon Fernandez George Grantham Jack Goldstone Joel Mokyr Helen Ahl Barbara Czarniawska Elanor and Rick Wicks Olav Velthuis Pete Lindert Ed Tower Bruce Caldwell and Marina Bianchi Gianni Toniolo Roy Weintraub Deirdre and Steve Kinsella at a pub in Limerick, 2007 Deirdre in Limerick, 2007 Richard and Susan, 1948 Susan EH: Deirdre's Beloved Iowa Grad Students in 1995 Peter Temin and new president Trevor Dick and Marvin McGinnis Susan, Steve, Richard, Susan's son Connie and Roger Ransom with Janie Barbara Czarniawska, Göteborg School of Management, Sweden 	David Klemm, Religion, University of Iowa Diana Strassmann and Dru Barker, International Association for Feminist Economics Fred and Millie Carstensen, University of Connecticut Irene van Staveren, Nijmegen and Institute for Social Studies, Den Haag Mary Trachsel, Rhetoric, University of Iowa Saskia de Vries, University of Amsterdam Press Deirdre (ill at the time) with Maurizio Caserta, Facoltí di Economia, Universití degli Studi di Catania Helene Jonson Ahl, Jonkoping School of Business, Sweden Arthur Money, Eduard Bonet, and Hans Siggurd Jensen at EDAMBA Summer School Ann Fender Edith Kuiper and Jack Vromen Fieke van der Lecq Hans, Bodhil, and Eduard, EDAMBA, southern France Jacob Metzer, Joel Mokyr, George Grantham Jens Jorgenssen, EDAMBA 1997 Jack and Judith explore semiology Harry van Dalen, Nederland Michael Bernstein Metin Cosgel Naomi Lamoreaux Nancy Folbre Negley Harte, UC London Trevor Dick The incomparable Jack Amariglio Santhi Hejeebu and David Mitch Wilfred Dolfsma Santhi Hejeebu Andy Marrison, Manchester University Don and Roderick, Clare College, 1977 Judith Mehta in our apartment in Amsterdam around 1999 Frank Walsh, UCD, Dublin Santhi and Ela Roderick Floud, 1996 Robin Bartlett Berend Langenberg, Erasmus Ken Gergen, Barbara Czarniawska, Al Megill at Iowa conference 1995 Cathe and Gavin Wright Gary and Sue Walton, 1996 Hans Abbing, Amsterdam John Wallis Mary Trachsel and David Depew, Poroi colleagues at Iowa Price Fishback Pierre Bateau, EDAMBA Joe Reid Lance Davis Larry and Peg Neal, University of Illinois, Champaign Susan Feiner